Success Strategy

A Record of Success

With the highest win rate of any other legal organization in the United States, Liberty Institute has an unprecedented track record in protecting and defending religious liberty in America. We have participated in – and have won – numerous cases before the United States Supreme Court, Federal Courts of Appeals, Federal District Courts and various state courts.

Our Model

Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization focused solely on protecting and restoring religious liberty in the United States. We offer legal assistance pro bono to help defend the religious freedoms of individuals, churches and other organizations all across the nation.

In addition to our team of full-time constitutional attorneys, we also work with many top litigators in the country who volunteer their time to help advance the mission of defending our nation’s first freedom. We understand how important it is to work with respected local attorneys who have an intimate knowledge of their communities, and who can rally support for the cause of advancing religious freedom.

Our Results

Our national network of attorneys is winning key cases across the nation.

Some of our recent victories include:

  • Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial Cross
    The ACLU sued the government over the 7-foot cross in the Mojave Desert erected by World War I veterans to honor all fallen soldiers, but Liberty Institute fought back.
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  • Plano Candy Cane Case
    Elementary school students were banned from handing out pens with a religious message on them during a school “winter party.” Liberty Institute stood up for children’s First Amendment rights.
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  • Veterans Administration (VA) Bans God at Military Funerals
    The VA tried to ban the mention of God at military funerals. Liberty Institute challenged their religious discrimination and changed VA policies nationwide.
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