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The Disturbing Facts:

In 2013, a U.S. Air Force officer was court-martialed for serious misconduct. During his court-martial he made false accusations against then Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Madrid based on misrepresentations of Lt. Col. Madrid’s Christian faith. 

Col. Michael A. Madrid, decorated Air Force flight surgeon

The Air Force investigated and found the claims against Madrid to be “unsubstantiated.” Madrid's commander considered the matter "closed." In fact, Michael Madrid was even promoted in 2016 to full Colonel based on his outstanding service to America as a flight surgeon, and given the Meritorious Service Medal for “singularly distinctive accomplishments.” 

Incredibly, after his promotion and transfer to a new base, Col. Madrid’s new commander, Major General John E. McCoy, re-opened the "closed" investigation. Without receiving any new information or talking to anyone else involved, McCoy arbitrarily deemed Col. Madrid guilty, apparently due to McCoy’s assumptions about Madrid’s religious beliefs. 

Maj. Gen. John E. McCoy took career-destroying action against Col. Michael
an exemplary officer, over false statements involving Madrid’s faith.

Maj. Gen. McCoy focused on unsubstantiated statements in the investigation that unfairly targeted Col. Madrid’s Christian beliefs. And even though the original investigator concluded differently, McCoy decided to punish Col. Madrid! He issued a potentially career-ending “Letter of Admonishment” (LOA) to Col. Madrid.

This action, springing from a misrepresentation of Col. Madrid’s faith, could devastate and even end Col. Madrid’s stellar career. This would deprive America of his service...and signal that service members had better keep their faith hidden or risk trouble. 

Petition to President Donald Trump:
to the U.S. MILITARY!

Dear President Trump,

Thank you for speaking out in favor of the restoration of religious freedom in America, including the U.S. military. Thank you also for signing your Executive Order on religious freedom. 

That’s why I’m asking you to enforce your Executive Order by stopping the continued pattern of hostility to religious freedom in the U.S. military. Section 4 of your Order requires that such hostility stop—yet it continues.

For example, Major General John E. McCoy, formerly Vice Commander of the U.S. Air Force Air Education Training Command, committed an act of blatant hostility toward decorated Air Force flight surgeon Colonel Michael A. Madrid, unfairly using Col. Madrid’s Christian beliefs to threaten his exemplary career. Maj. Gen. McCoy has since transferred to another assignment, but the Air Force refuses to reverse his outrageous punishment of Col. Madrid.

First Liberty Institute, which represents Col. Madrid, is happy to provide your staff and Congress with details of this unfortunate targeting of a person of faith who deserves praise, not punishment. Such acts of religious hostility can demean, demoralize, and destroy freedom of religion within our military—defying a presidential commission which found that faith is essential for a strong armed forces, and military codes which call for free exercise of religion for our brave service members. 

I ask you to send a strong signal to the military that our new Commander-in-Chief will not tolerate politically correct military officers abusing their positions to deny religious freedom to those under them. Firing any officer, such as Maj. Gen. McCoy, for violating the spirit—and letter—of the military code sends a clear message that religious freedom will be valued and protected in our armed forces. And it will be a giant step in reversing the past eight years of hostility to religious freedom for our fighting men and women.

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