Will you help defend
Col. Madrid 
and defeat
other attacks 
on religious
freedom in court?

First Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization in our nation exclusively dedicated to defending religious liberty for all Americans. 

First Liberty uses America’s top attorneys to defend our most vital freedom against radical groups like the ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and extremist government officials. We’ve won at all court levels – from the U.S. Supreme Court down to local communities. 

Your tax-deductible gift will help us win for Col. Madrid, and other cases such as these:

  • Col. Michael A. Madrid...disciplined by a general over misrepresentations of his religious beliefs.

  • 33-year Air Force veteran Oscar Rodriquez...assaulted by airmen and thrown off an Air Force base because he planned to mention “God” in a retirement ceremony speech.

  • High school football coach Joe Kennedy...fired for silent prayer.

  • Aaron and Melissa Klein...penalized $135,000 for declining to create a cake to celebrate a same-sex wedding.

  • A U.S. Marine...onvicted at a court-martial for refusing an order to remove an inspirational Bible verse from her work station. 

  • The American Legion...trying to stop radical lawyers who want to tear down a 90-year-old World War I Memorial in the shape of a cross.

  • Mary Anne Sause...ordered to stop praying in her own home.

  • Chabad of Irvine...sued to stop traditional Orthodox Jewish religious ceremonies.

  • Insight for Living Ministries International (Dr. Chuck Swindoll)...ordered by the government to participate in health insurance that facilitates abortion—or pay fines that would cripple their outreach.

  • And similar cases across America that will determine the future of religious freedom for a generation.

Last year we handled 375 legal matters...and a 90% win rate! But we need your help to win for more people of faith under attack.

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