Midnight, June 30
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Will Religious Freedom
Survive the Current
Series of Courtroom Attacks?

Americans are about to face a rapid series of courtroom tests for the survival of vital religious freedoms:

  • Radicals are trying to get the U.S. Supreme Court to rule against prayer by public employees such as Joe Kennedy, fired as a high school football coach for a 15 to 30-second, private, silent post-game prayer on the field.

  • Extremists are trying to get the Supreme Court to rule that a historic veterans memorial should be torn down...because they hate the cross erected by Gold Star mothers and, our clients, The American Legion.

  • Members of a faction within the U.S. Air Force physically assaulted and removed a veteran from private retirement ceremony on a base, simply because he planned to give a speech that included the word “God.” Now First Liberty is suing to stop radicals within the Air Force.

  • State officials penalized Christian wedding cake designers $135,000 because they politely declined to create a custom cake celebrating a same-sex wedding.

These immediate court challenges are only the beginning. More are coming.

First Liberty gives you a way to defeat these attacks.

First Liberty’s legal team is defending the victims in all of the cases above—and hundreds more around the nation. Best of all, First Liberty has over a 90 PERCENT WIN RATE. Donations from supporters allow us to unleash our network of America’s best attorneys from elite law firms who defend religious freedom at no charge to victims of anti-religious hostility.

Because we charge victims nothing, we are asking you to please give now to help First Liberty end our 2017-18 Fiscal Year on budget.

Our budget deadline is midnight, June 30. Your gift will respond to a $250,000 Challenge Grant, given to help achieve our important goal, and provide the resources to win these critical cases.

I'll Help Reach the Fiscal Year-End Goal
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on Religious Freedom:

I will respond to the $250,000 Challenge Grant to help First Liberty
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resources to defeat the current wave of courtroom challenges.
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