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Don’t fall for the myth that courts have expelled religion from public schools.  They have not!  Courts—including the U.S. Supreme Court—have granted broad religious freedom in public schools.  So has the U.S. Department of Education.

To help people of faith know and exercise those rights, the legal experts at Liberty Institute created free, easy-to-understand back-to-school resources for students and teachers that you can download now.


 Know Your Rights Kit The Know Your Religious Rights Kit fully equips students, parents, and teachers to know their religious liberties in the public schools—which is the first stop to defend and restore those rights when they come under attack.  Your kit includes a special message from Liberty Institute President & CEO Kelly Shackelford and in-depth principles and FAQ’s related to each of your rights.  It’s a perfect resource for parents or older students.  Download your FREE copy now. 

The Student Bill of Rights in Schools brochure is a condensed version of our Know Your Religious Rights Kit and gives you a quick overview on all of the rights students have when it comes to religious speech, expression, or practice in public schools.  This format is perfect for younger students or busy moms and dads.  Download your FREE copy now.

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Religious Rights Teachers Guide

The Teachers Guide gives instructors great guidelines for how they can maintain their First Amendment rights (including freedom of religion and speech) in schools.  Teachers can learn more about how to maintain neutrality to religion, what, when and where teachers can express their religious beliefs , how to approach Christmas celebrations, schools’ obligation to respect teachers’ religious views, and students’ religious rights while at school.  Download your FREE copy now.


You can successfully exercise your lawful religious rights in public schools, and defend them if you happen to be challenged. 

Liberty Institute frequently resolves violations of religious rights for students and teachers without going to court, and often without disharmony.  Why?  Because almost always, the law is on the side of religious freedom in schools—and once school administrators are shown the facts, they often agree.  

Exercising your religious rights in school may be one of the most important things you ever do.  Studies show that religious influence—prayer, reading scripture, expressing your beliefs—contributes to the well-being of schools and communities.  It encourages others to exercise their rights.  And exercising your lawful freedoms is the best way to make sure those freedoms remain free!

But you must know those rights to exercise them. The more people of faith stand up, the easier it becomes for others. 

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, you can be part of restoring religious liberty in our schools.  It can happen, and in many cases is happening as Americans wake up to the freedoms recognized by the law. 

Get your back-to-school resources to equip yourself, to know your religious rights, and to defend your freedom.

And if you hear of a student or teacher being threatened for mentioning their faith whether at graduation, in the classroom, or when celebrating religious holidays like Christmas, please contact Liberty Institute in one of three ways so we can help:

SUBMIT an online legal request form
EMAIL us at
CALL us at 972.941.4444


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