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Gretchen Carlson Discusses Veterans Memorial Controversy with Hiram Sasser

Liberty Institute's Managing Director of Strategic Litigation, Hiram Sasser, discusses the tearing down of Veterans Memorials across the United States on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson. A matching grant of $50,000 is available until January 31, 2015.


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Radical organizations like the ACLU . . . the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) . . . the Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS) . . . American Humanist Association . . . and others are needlessly tearing down, or trying to tear down, America’s religious heritage in towns and cities across the nation.

By sending thousands of threat letters, they are intimidating local officials into tearing down beloved religious symbols and images that are part of our heritage.  

The horror stories include:

  • Radical lawyers just frightened the town of King, North Carolina into removing a treasured Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial because it showed a soldier kneeling by a grave with a cross. Veterans’ hearts are broken!

  • The Freedom From Religion Foundation bullied Santa Clara, CA into removing a treasured historical marker for a mission established in 1779 . . . because it contained a cross! The town lost the heart of its history! 

  • The American Humanist Association is trying to tear down the Maryland WWI “Mothers’ Memorial” erected by mothers of soldiers killed in action. If the cross in this memorial falls, those at places like Arlington National Cemetery will be targets!  

America’s cities and towns are caving in right and left. They fear paying the high cost of legal fees if they lose to anti-religious legal bullies.


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this systematic uprooting of America's heritage!



Liberty Institute is the largest legal organization exclusively dedicated to defending religious liberty in America. We have over a 90% WIN RATE against the ACLU and its allies.

Liberty Institute will defend monuments, memorials, and religious symbols at no charge. We will also indemnify cities against having to pay legal fees to radical lawyers in the unlikely event we lose the case. 

BUT . . . We need to raise a financial war chest to defend these towns and assure municipalities who stand up to the ACLU and their cronies that they are financially protected.

Generous patriots have offered a $50,000 Matching Grant to DOUBLE all online gifts given to the “Don’t Tear Me Down” Campaign today. If we raise $100,000 or more online, it will help give cities the confidence to defy the radicals and let our lawyers defend them at no financial risk.

With Liberty Institute representing these towns, never again will a veterans memorial be torn down as in King, North Carolina. Religious symbols and actions are preserved every time we win another case.



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Liberty Institute has won at all court levels, including the U.S. Supreme Court, where we saved the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial cross when the ACLU tried to tear it down.

Liberty Institute has a national network of the “best of the best” attorneys in America from 24 of the top 50 law firms! They work with us to defend religious liberty at no charge.

BUT . . . We need to raise a financial war chest to defend these towns.

Please give now.  All gifts are tax-deductible. The Matching Grant will DOUBLE every dollar given to the “Don’t Tear Me Down” Campaign today.


Help put an end to the easy victories of the ACLU, AUSCS and FFRF. Support the American Heritage Project now!

The ACLU fears Liberty Institute. And for good reason.
Liberty Institute is at the forefront of the intensifying battle to
preserve religious freedom. I’ve known of their work for years,
and today it’s more important than ever.”

-- Mike Huckabee


Liberty Institute President / CEO, Kelly Shackelford, speaks to veterans
at the Mt. Soledad Memorial near San Diego. The American Heritage Project
will help defend public displays like this, as well as the 10 Commandments,
Christmas crèches, and many more municipal displays of our religious heritage.


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