The Angela Project

Graduating high school senior Angela Hildebrand was told she could not pray or even mention Jesus’ name in her valedictorian speech, or risk going to jail for contempt if she did. Liberty Institute stepped in to protect Angela’s religious liberty — and the religious liberty of all American students, teachers, and administrators who do not have to shed their First Amendment freedoms at the schoolhouse gate.

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Survey of Religious Hostilities

Our Founding Fathers considered religious liberty our "first freedom," the bedrock upon which all other freedoms rest. Sadly, our country today would be unrecognizable to our Founders. America now has a small minority of powerful leaders who are using the courts, Congress and the federal government to suppress and remove religious freedom, turning the First Amendment upside down.

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Kountze ISD Cheerleaders

Liberty Institute and Beaumont attorney David Starnes secured a temporary injunction for the Kountze ISD cheerleaders, allowing them to continue displaying their student-made banners with religious messages for the duration of the football season.

And, although this was a huge step in securing a win for religious freedom, the fight will continue as we work to make this temporary injunction a permanent decision in a trial set for June 24, 2013.

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Don’t Tear Me Down

Imagine if every mention of God and all religious images, including memorials that honor our nation’s veterans, were removed from the public arena? America would look like a very different place. So, when groups like the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation sue to tear down memorials because they contain religious imagery, or attack public invocations, Liberty Institute is ready to defend such expression in the public square. Stand with us and tell those who try to remove God from public discourse and tear down our veterans memorials, “You can’t tear me down, and you can’t tear down my freedom!”

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Protecting the Church

Not so long ago, the church in America did not have to worry much about government interference, nor unconstitutional zoning laws restricting their right to exist, or a pastor’s freedom to speak the truth boldly from the pulpit. Not so today. Every week, Liberty Institute receives a call for help from a church who needs legal counsel to represent them against unconstitutional government interference, censorship and discrimination.

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