The U.S. Air Force is NOT Telling the Truth


Liberty Institute Releases New Evidence of Religious Discrimination in Persecution of Air Force Sergeant

SMSgt Phillip Monk: the Air Force now says he’s lying. We have evidence he’s not. Please help us defend him and send him encouragement!

Today—in a disappointing and outrageous action—the U.S. Air Force officially accused our client, Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, of lying about his religious discrimination complaint.

Phillip Monk—a 19-year veteran with a heroic record of service—was relieved of duty earlier this year after alleging that his commander, an openly gay woman, demanded that he tell her his beliefs about same-sex marriage. Monk, an evangelical Christian, has said he declined her demand in order to avoid division, knowing that his religious views would clash with his commander’s opinion. So she punished him by relieving him of his duties and removing him from her unit in violation of his religious rights.

For that reason, we have released to the media documentation (including his reassignment papers) supporting his claim—and casting heavy doubt on the Air Force’s version of events.

Click here to see SMSgt Monk's original reassignment papers showing a rotation date of September 30, 2013.

Click here to see SMSgt Monk's altered reassignment papers showing a new rotation date of August 14, 2013.

Click here to see the Air Force’s conclusion that the allegations against SMSgt Monk are unsubstantiated, clearing him of wrongdoing. October 1, 2013.

This documentation shows that the commander indeed reassigned Monk in a highly irregular manner immediately after her ultimatum to him regarding his views on same-sex marriage. This is totally consistent with his accusation, and totally at odds with the Air Force’s new official explanation.

Phillip Monk’s Liberty Institute attorney, former top military attorney Michael Berry, says,

“We gave the Air Force the chance to come clean and do the right thing. Instead they have chosen to make very serious false accusations against this fine Airman without substantive evidence and contrary to the evidence we have produced. We will now go forward on his behalf—we will defend his honor and the religious liberty of other service members at risk of having their religious rights violated like Phillip Monk’s have been. We will fight.”



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